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What is Video Collection & Rental System?

Video Rental System is, faster, power full and easiest-to use. As whole, Video Rental System provides an efficient interface, which has been highly optimized to minimize the amount of keypunching and mouse pushing you need to do to get things done. Video Rental System has the following features:-

  1. Login as different user
  2. Customers are classified into categories like monthly subscription, weekly subscription and yearly subscription.
  3. Customers Account information.
  4. Videos Programs are classified into categories like English, French , Arabic Urdu etc
  5. Videos Programs are also classified into recording based categories like DVD, VCD, Tape device etc
  6. One can Add Delete or Modify Video Program, Video Program Media and Video Program Type.
  7. Actors are classified by their movies. One can Add Delete and Modify Actor Information.
  8. Backup/Restore Database.
  9. Multipurpose Reports
    • List of Video Programs On Rent
    • List of available Video Programs By Media for example Video Programs in DVD
    • List of available Video Programs By Type mean English Movies
    • List of available Video Programs By Actors mean Movies of Demmy More
    • List of All Customers
    • List of Customers by Program mean customers which have been rented specific Video Program
    • List of Customers which are defaulters
    • List of All Customers Account
    • List of Account Transactions of single Customer
    • List of Customers by subscription type