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ITSTRAM is a product that comprises a set of business processes to manage projects.

ITSTRAM is based on ITSCAR workflow management technology. The use of ITSCAR allows us to offer a natural, easy to use framework to define the infrastructure of a company and to assign different roles to the different people in the company.
Project managers establish all aspects of Projects.

• Defines the different modules that need to be worked on.
• Allocates the managers to work on specific regions of the project.
• Allocates teams that work on the modules headed by the technical managers.
• Distributes workload to people in the teams, based on modules.
• Cash outflows and inflows, and revenues.
• Defines procurements in terms of human resources (Internal or sub contractors) or licenses.
• Modules are assigned to different team leaders (module managers).
• Defines Commissions for Business providers.
• Defines Payment terms for the Project.
• Defines Payment terms for procurements.
• Defines Payment Terms for Commissions.
• Defines events at which invoices are sent to clients.

Module Managers manage their teams and update state of their modules that are reviewed by the Project manager.
Colleagues fill their Time Sheets and send them for validation to the Module manager.
Module managers approve the Time Sheets of their team members.
• Time Sheets are used for internal tracking of the people as well as invoicing to the clients.

Accounting managers approve the Expense Sheets of the resources.
Invoices are generated and sent to clients at the defined events.

• Follow up viewed by Project managers
• The Project manager can view the advancement of all projects that he is concerned with.
• Profitability of Projects.
• Manage Workload of his teams.
• Follow Activity of his team.
• View Bills to be paid.
• View Bills Invoiced.

The basic diagram of the functioning of ITSTRAM

Porting of TRAM (the product we have been working on) to Windows CE, i.e. the user is allowed to carry out some of his work using any hand held device like palm pilot.
Porting of TRAM to mobile phones, i.e. the user is allowed to carry outsome of the work using his mobile phone. The mobile phone acts as a hand held device.
Analysis, Design, Implementation of Activity Tracking Process in MS IE4.0.
Analysis, Design, Implementation of Activity Tracking Process in mobilephones.
We are also working on a suite of products that allows its users to createa Portal and maintain that Portal. This includes web-based email, Chatclient, Messenger, Index builder. I am giving small details of the differentproducts that I have mentioned above.
Analysis, Design, Implementation of Activity Tracking Process in MS IE4.0.