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What is Store Inventory System?

  • Store Inventory system is, faster, power full and easiest-to use. As whole, Inventory System provides an efficient interface, which has been highly optimized to minimize the amount of keypunching and mouse pushing you need to do to get things done. Inventory system have the following features:-
  • Login as different user
  • Changing Password
  • Add, edit and delete sales invoices or purchase invoices
  • Generate reports for sales invoices and purchase invoices
  • Add edit and delete of Customer, Products, sale type, purchase type etc.
  • Integrated online help with F1 support
  • Multipurpose reports like sales report, purchase report, short stock report, daily items movement report, daily item transaction report, stock report, profitability report etc etc...
  • Multilanguage (currently support English and Arabic but can be added more language(s) on demand)
  • Backup/Restore Database
  • sophisticated search for sale invoices and purchase invoices and many more.....