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What is SpaMortuary.net?

SPAMortuary.net (SM.net hereinafter) is an anti-spam solution targeted for individual users as well as small to large-scale organizations. The major objective of this application is to get rid of unsolicited, junk, sexual and other advertisement emails. The back-end engine of SM.net is based on latest and advanced technologies.

All instances of SM.net use web services to send reports for spam mails and receive the latest anti-spam definitions of rules to capture new kind of anti-spam mails as well as mails that contains viruses as attachments.

SM.net is a unique product for anti-spam solutions because all the data required to fight with spam can be saved in various kinds of databases like MS SQL Server, MS ACCESS, XML and the SM.net web-service. Future releases will provide support to connect virtually with all famous databases using ODBC.

A private organization can take advantage of this option by keeping all data in one centralized database and then every computer can use this database of anti-spam rules with our various applications.

SM.net is a unique product for anti-spam because it can be easily integrated with many famous applications and standards. SM.net provides the following services to remove spam mails:

  • Configuration & Management Utility (CMU)
  • Email Checker Utility (ECU)
  • MS Outlook Add-in
  • SM.net Mail Server
  • SM.net for Web-based Email Systems (SWEB)
  • Mobile SM.net
  • SM.net Web-service
  • SM.net Web-based Email Service (SWES)
  • SM.net Administration

SM.net Configuration & Management Utility (CMU)

This utility mainly responsible for:

  • Downloading the latest updates for definition of anti-spam rules
  • Managing downloaded and custom created rules
  • Managing list of emails of friends
  • Managing list of emails of enemies
  • Importing email lists from MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger.
  • Doing backups and restores of database
  • Changing or switching data-sources (MS Access, MS SQL SERVER, XML or web-service)
  • Repairing or creating new data-sources (MS Access, MS SQL SERVER, XML)
  • Reporting for spam mails
  • Configuring the generic preferences that can be used by all SM.net products and services installed on the machine.

SM.net Email Checker Utility (ECU)

ECU is a utility that integrates with the POP3/IMAP accounts to quarantine spam mails. It sits in the system tray and keeps monitoring incoming emails. Alerts are popped up whenever a spam mail is found. It provides the following functionality:

  • Imports user accounts from Outlook Express, MS Outlook and Eudora
  • User can use multiple POP3 or IMAP accounts
  • Customizable preferences to show alerts and other items
  • Bounce spam mails back automatically to make spammers think that the email account no longer exists
  • Verify sender's email address for incoming emails
  • Quarantine mail messages into the ECU wallet
  • View mails in wallet and delete them accordingly
  • Send reports for spam abuse
  • View dynamic SM.net graphs and statistics for spam scanning and spam capturing

SM.net Add-in for MS Outlook

This add-in integrates SM.net with the MS Outlook. Whenever MS Outlook receives a new mail, it starts scanning this mail and pops up the result. It uses the basic configurations set by the CMU. SM.net Add-in module also provides the ability to send reports of spam abuse as well as manage list of friends, list of enemies list and list of spam rules. Users can also make custom scanning for a selected group of mails.

SM.net for Mail Servers (Under Construction)

Using our unique anti-spam engine of SM.net, a new project has been launched that can be integrated with virtually all mail servers SM.net for Mail servers will run like a windows service on a standard port “110” whereas the original mail server will run on some nonstandard port. SM.net will receive all incoming mails first and then it will scan all mails before actually routing these mails towards the intended mail server. The spam mails will be quarantined and administrators can view them later. Administrators can either deleted or can send these mails back to the original intended recipients.

SM.net for Web-based Email Systems (SWEB)

The anti-spam engine of SM.net is perfect and an ideal solution for the web based email systems that want to provide integrated anti-spam solution inside their web based email systems. Its cross-language nature on windows platform leverage the ability to be integrated into all web based email systems. Using SWEB, web based email systems can catch spam mails according to the spam rules of SM.net. Users of the web based email systems can also use the other standard benefits of the SM.net from inside that web based email system.

Mobile SM.net (Under Construction)

Research project has been started for lightweight anti-spam solution to mobile devices. Mobile SM.net will take input of POP3/IMAP, scan mails and then either quarantine or delete these spam mails.

SM.net Web-service

Third parties can also embed anti-spam services of SM.net inside their applications using the SM.net web-service. This web-service can be consumed by any cross-platform applications irrespective of whether they are desktop applications, web-based applications or mobile-based applications.

SM.net Web-based Email Service (SWES)

A website where users can enter their POP3/IMAP information and then can see the spam mails as well as solicited emails. This works like web based email system except that it will not save any kind of information including user account information and email messages. Instead of seeing mails on this web site, users can also receive spam mails report in their other email accounts.

SM.net Administration

An admin website to manage and monitor all the rules definitions as well as create new spam rules that can be downloaded using CMU. This feature is only available for corporate release of SM.net.