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A successful presence on the Internet requires the best use of available technology without the technology itself taking center stage. That presence must also be designed to recognize technology as a changing force. We understand the importance of a balanced technical design. We apply the appropriate level of technology to each project, keeping smaller projects simple and larger projects robust. The technology works together with the graphical design and business function of a site, and is not an end in itself. We are capable of developing a wide range of sites ranging from linked text and graphics files, served simply and elegantly, to dynamic database-driven sites that adapt to each user's requirements and experience. Some of our technical capabilities:

Windows DNA, COM+, MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server), MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue), ActiveX, DCOM, EJB (Enterprise Java beans), WAP

Microsoft .NET, ASP, JSP, PHP, Cold Fusion, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Perl, XML, HTML, DHTML, Java, Java Servlets, RMI, J2EE, Flash, JavaScript, VBScript, C/C++, WML

SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, MySQL, PostGresSql, MS Access

Operating Systems that we develop software for:
Windows 2000, NT 4.0, 98, 95, Linux Redhat 6.2/ 6.0