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What is Web Based Digital Dashboard?

A Digital dashboard gathers information and functionality's from a wide variety of sources ranging from Web pages to applications such as SQL Server, Web sources, XML Resources...etc, and present the resulting information in a single user interface. A Digital dashboard is made up of distinct units called Web Parts. Web Parts can contain any Web-based information, are reusable, and integrate with each other and with other dashboards. A digital dashboard is a customized application, built on Internet standards, that consolidates information and tools from a variety of sources and presents them in a single user interface. Digital dashboards aggregate information from designated sources, such as Microsoft® SQL Serverô, Microsoft Office, Web Resources, XML Resources, providing knowledge workers with one-stop shopping for task-critical information. A digital dashboard is made up of distinct parts (formerly called nuggets), each of which performs a dedicated task. Parts can be combined into one page or into a digital dashboard. Parts made up of HTML, called Web Parts, can be handled as separate objects. Web Parts are easy to reuse in other digital dashboards. A user can easily move or copy Web Parts between digital dashboards and move complete digital dashboards around. It is even possible to mail digital dashboards and Web Parts to others and to save them for your own use. Users can select their own combinations of parts for a digital dashboard. These parts allow the user to perform some action. The parts comprise the content, and the dashboard offers the infrastructure for choosing and displaying these parts.