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InterSoft Pakistan .Ltd. is a private limited company providing efficient business solutions that are vital aspects of success for the modern business environment. InterSoft has been one of the leading market players in software industry of Pakistan for the last 6 years. The company has built up on its strengths over the years and has focused on the international market.

InterSoft has developed its own software life cycle process that is a combination of the Waterfall and Spiral model called the Evolutionary model of software development. In this model, the problem is decomposed into small functional units and a number of releases are correspondingly scheduled. Thus, instead of releasing one large chunk of code at the end of the development exercises we release smaller pieces of code at rational intervals. This model enables InterSoft to get quicker feedback from the user, which in turn can be used to incorporate appropriate changes in the software as early as possible. This life cycle also helps in keeping the developing team on the right track and keeps the client actively involved, thus increasing the confidence of the client in the development activity. In addition to customer satisfaction, the process also focuses on production of quality software to be delivered on time.

Over past few years InterSoft has focused on business-to-business e-commerce development. InterSoft has developed expertise in this domain including the areas of enterprise application development and integration, customer and partner management, content management, order processing and fulfillment and electronic transactions for billing and order fulfillment. Thus, InterSoft has people, process, experience and domain in place to offer quality and dependable solutions for engineering enterprise systems and their integration into enterprise resource backbone.